Noteworthy Facts About Raised Toilet Seats

Using the toilet is a seamless experience for most people. Sadly, millions of people also have difficulty functioning on a physical level. That is why these individuals are looking for solutions to use the toilet with ease, and a raised toilet seat is one such solution.

There are many benefits to using raised toilet seats. These seats are a major quality of life investment for many people. When it comes to mobility, many people, especially the able-bodied ones, take it for granted. For the less mobile individuals, though, the use of raised seats is their way of gaining independence.

There are certain people who can benefit from the use of raised toilet seats. People with mobility issues, the elderly, and patients after operation are often the ones that benefit from these toilet seats. In essence, raised toilet seats are plastic molding that you place on top of your toilet bowl. Different models offer different features. Whichever type you choose, what matters most in the end is that these seats help those who have issues using the toilet with ease.

There are many advantages that you can enjoy when you install raised toilet seats for yourself or your loved ones with mobility issues. Closeness, for instance, is one of the benefits that these toilet seats offer. The occupied space you are getting from most raised seats range from 3 to 6 inches. This closeness means that there will not be a huge distance between the user and the toilet when they are standing or sitting. This closeness avoids the user from tumbling off balance. Most raised toilet seats also come with larger widths that can accommodate individuals who are larger. This gives a larger surface area for the person in case they will not be properly aligned while sitting.

When it comes to individuals who have issues with mobility, they rely on the help of others or their caregivers. Millions of caregivers are hired for their help. The average adult has a weight of 83.6 kg. This makes it necessary for caregivers to be exerting their efforts in lifting their clients off and up the toilet. The extra space in raised toilet seats means less force is needed to help clients out. In terms of safety, both the client and the caregiver will not have to worry about it through the use of these seats. The caregiver can provide stabilization to their clients once they get up.

When it comes to raised toilet seats, you have the option to get add-on arm supports. With the use of lift support, people will not have difficulties using the toilet from their recent surgeries, disability, and age. For people who don’t have any caregivers with them, these arm supports provide them with the independence that they need.

Lastly, it is very much possible for you to get extra comfort and security features from the raised toilet seat models that you choose. These include padding, splash guards, straps, and backrests.

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